Bet you didn’t know this about Tootsie Roll!

Tootsie Roll fun facts you can sink your teeth into!



1. Tootsie rolls were the success behind the escape during the Korean War.


Surrounded by Korean and Chinese forces, the First Marine Division called in for an airdrop of ‘Tootsie Rolls’.  This didn’t go to plan due to a costly misunderstanding.  ‘Tootsie Rolls’ were a code name for mortar shells – which is what wanted…Instead they got boxes of the real Tootsie Rolls! All is not lost at this point. Word has it that this boosted the spirits of the troops and helped them through the harsh, freezing environments! It’s even said to have been a great tool for fixing leaks in there fuel lines. Troops were able to chew the candy and stick over any holes!




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3. The brain behind the candy named them after his daughter.

Tootsie roll have been a big player and have been ever present in the candy world. A simple candy that stole the heart of a nation. Hard caramel and chocolate became a staple for all in the states.  Invented by Leo Hirschfield, sold out of his small candy shop they soon grabbed attention of many. Story has it that they are named after his daughter, Clara, who’s nickname was Tootsie.



4. They were a staple in every US troops rations during World War II.


When you think about the type of food that soldiers need during intense wars you’ll soon realise that a Tootsie Roll is the perfect on the go candy. The troops would be tired and mentally drained too. They’d need a quick source of energy and something that will last a long time. This choice of candy turned out to be a life saver. A U.S pilot whose plane crashed over the sahara after being shot down survived for 3 days on his rations of the chewy sweet. Life lesson – Always make sure you pack some Tootsie Rolls!


5. The factories produce a phenomenal about per day.


How many you ask? Up to 64 MILLION individual pieces per day! That works out to be near 740 pieces per second…not bad at all.