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Jolly Rancher Candy


For years now the American candy industry has been lead by the dominant force of Hershey’s and their sub brand – Jolly Rancher. A timeless classic of a treat. When the words ‘American candy’ are ever said in conversation, you can bet money on it, the neon blue colour of a Jolly Rancher soda is what springs to mind!

What’s so special?

Well, let us tell you…Cast your mind to any american brand of confectionery, be it Betty Crocker, Pringles, or even Reese’s. Ask yourself; What do they all have in common? Yes, they are all great brands and they all produce some great candy and confectionery…But the common denominator here is that they all do only one type of product. Reese’s – Peanut Butter and Chocolate, Betty Crocker – Baking goods, Pringles – Crisps. You see our point?

The magic and allure of the Jolly Rancher products is that they DON’T just do one style of product. They do it all! A brand in which we all love and trust, but scatters themselves into a plethora of categories. Jolly Rancher drinks, Jolly Rancher hard candy, Jolly Rancher Pop Tarts, Jolly Rancher Chewing Gum…The list goes on and on.

In our humble opinion, this is great! No matter what you fancy, in Jolly Rancher you will find a product that will be exactly what you are looking for and they will provide you with that peace of mind that it will be tasty and leave you wanting more.

What you want, Jolly Rancher’s got it!

We pride ourselves on our stock and our ability to keep stocked. That means that we will have what you are after. Following the theme of this blog, below is a small list of a few of our favourite Jolly Rancher items that we currently have stocked.

Jolly Rancher Sodas

  1.  Blue Raspberry Soda. A true classic of the Jolly Rancher soda range. Take yourself back to your childhood days, playing in a field with your friends with the sun beaming down. A cool Blue Raspberry Jolly Rancher to top of one of the best afternoons you can have as a child.
  2. Jolly Rancher – Original Hard Candy. Until you try these fruity sweets, you wouldn’t believe us if we delved in to try and explain the crazy amount of fruit flavours that burst through. Flavours include, cherry, grape, green apple, watermelon, and of course, blue raspberry.
  3. Bubble Yum & Jolly Rancher Blue Raspberry Gum. Bubble Yum and Jolly Rancher teamed up to bring up a long lasting gum packed pull of fruit flavour. Available in Blue Raspberry, its sure to go down a treat.


We’ve let you know our thoughts on these sweet treats, why not try them and see if you agree.


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