Game of Cookies – Game of Thrones themed Oreos

Game of Thrones has returned for their 8th and final season. A series we all looked forward to and a show we never wish to end. But, as the saying goes – ‘All good things must come to an end’.

We’ve seen unlikely heroes rise to the occasion, and characters that you may not have liked to begin, form a special place in your heart. It’s very rare for a show to be able to capture fans from all over the world, and have everyone so heavily invested. As the curtain draws close, we welcome all the great and creative collaborations from Game of Thrones and brands internationally.

Creative Collaborations.

In appreciation of Game of Thrones, and the following it has gained, brands across the world pay homage to the show. We have listed our favourite collaborations so far.

Johnnie Walker Whiskey – launched an array of whiskeys based off of each of the houses from the show. Our favourite – White Walker Whiskey. Best served from the freezer!

Urban Decay – Designed Game of Thrones Themed makeup sets inspired by destinations throughout Westeros. No matter the industry, you can get creative.

Adidas Running: Released limited edition trainers/sneakers based on the Game of Thrones 7 Kingdoms. Check them out here.

Mountain Dew – Power to the people. Asking their followers, ‘what would you give up for the throne?’ Mountain Dew sacrificed their labelling and produced these limited edition cans! Great work

Winter is coming! So too are Game of Thrones themed Oreos.

Oreo, you have done it again. Time after time we are gifted glorious oreos in limited edition flavours and shapes. What a treat this collaboration is!

Oreo, partnering up with the guys and girls at HBO, have produced yet another masterpiece. Everything about these look great! From the packaging to the cookie design – amazing!

These will be available as of the 1st May from the American Grocery Store. Keep an eye out for the official sale release!

Whilst you’re here – why not check out our available Oreo options.

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