Betty Crocker – the Portrait of 75 Women

 Do you know Betty Crocker? If you’re trying to imagine the woman on the food label, you’re on the right track. In fact, that’s the only place anyone has seen her. The name Betty Crocker was actually developed by Washburn Crosby Company, a flour milling business in America. In 1921, they came up with a successful way to market their products. By using the name Betty Crocker, they gave a personalised touch to their consumers. The legendary figure actually takes the surname of William Crocker, one of the directors of the Washburn Crosby Company.


Betty would field questions about how to ensure cakes will rise and get the fluffiest pancakes. She’d even share her favourite recipes with the public. Her popularity soared and she became the face of the brand, literally. A depiction of Betty Crocker, to represent a wholesome and knowledgeable American homemaker, adorned their packaging and marketing.


However, Betty Crocker is not based on any single woman. The painted portrait actually combines 75 real women, all with diverse backgrounds and a range of ages. With subtle changes over time, Betty always looked sophisticated with short brown hair and the iconic red jacket with white shirt.


These days, Betty Crocker’s iconic portrait has since been replaced with a red spoon that bears her name. However, she lives on through all of the delicious recipes.

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