National Chocolate Chip Day – One for the diary.

These days it seems to have become a rarity that we find something that is loved universally. Yesterday marked ‘National Chocolate Chip Day’, we want to share with you the history and best loved snacks formed from Chocolate Chips.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

It seems to be a common pattern that the things we love most, we often were never looking for. This goes for chocolate chips also. Until the 1930’s, chocolate chips hadn’t had a thought conceived. This all changed in 1937, with thanks to Ruth Wakefield.

As the story goes, Ruth Wakefield, whilst baking in the Toll House Inn (Massachusetts), she wanted to melt chocolate into her cookies that she planned on serving. She soon realised that the chocolate was not melting as she intended – born was the chocolate chip and with it, the chocolate chip cookie!

Word spread like a wildfire about Ruth’s cookies, so much so that she was eventually approached by corporate companies! on this occasion, Nestle took the crown, and even put on their packaging the recipe that Ruth herself used. The name of these cookies? ‘Toll House’.

Toll house chocolate chip

Since 1937, choc chips have been used in almost every dessert created and with this have improved the majority along the way!

Chocolate chips are easily accessible and because of this, we challenge you to try and add them to each meal/snack as part of your day!


Breakfast – Chocolate chip pancakes

Afternoon Snack – Chocolate chip cookies

Dessert – Add to ice cream or even yoghurt!

Get creative and take advantage of all the different chocolate chips available…milk, dark, butterscotch, white, rainbow! You name it, it exists!

Take a look at our baking items and get inspired!

Here’s to you, Ruth!

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