National Licorice Day

National Liquorice Day was created in 2004. A day in which the wonders of liquorice in all shapes and sizes are celebrated. We underwent some intensive research on this topic and were amazed to find out that how liquorice has evolved, and just how many of our confectionery items are liquorice based.

We have decided to break down our research and put it to paper…or computer? Here are our favourite facts about liquorice that you may not know!

Are you aware?


Records show that in England, liquorice dates back to the 16th century! We believe the reason for this is that Dominican monks brought liquorice to Britain and became established around Pontefract in Yorkshire. If this holds true, us fans, are all very thankful for the gift.


From Ancient Greece to Rome, to China and more, liquorice has been used for its medicinal powers. Even today we are still using this in our medicine and treatments. So not only is liquorice extremely tasty, it’s also got some healing powers! Continue reading to view some medicinal benefits that hold true to this day!


Napoleon Bonaparte found liquorice soothing during battle; he allegedly ate so much of it that his teeth turned black. That’s a lot of liquorice…Apparently liquorice has been used in battle when Alexander the Great would lead his troops. He used it as a solution for whenever there was a shortage of water!


The ancient Egyptians used it as a pharmaceutical; supplies were even found in King Tut’s tomb. Egyptian hieroglyphics record the use of liquorice as a popular beverage among the men of the time. Herbal Tea, anyone?


The liquorice plant, a shrub, is in fact officially a weed. It is about four feet tall with purplish flowers and grows in hot, dry places. Keep your eyes open people, you can even try chewing the bark should you wish!

Read this if you want to improve your health!

Health is a topic which will always bring in fads. ‘Eat this and you’ll gain six pack abs’…It’s inevitable. However, a ‘fad’ will always come and will always go. We have access to all the knowledge we need and it’s so much easier to disprove things.

A constant, however, has been herbal ingredients and their medicinal benefits. Liquorice is one of these ingredients. Its agreeable throughout the medical and fitness industries as having a beneficial value. This is not a post from us saying these benefits will show for yourself…It’s more an educational statement from history and our findings on the internet.

Dating back to 360 A.D. There was talk of liquorice helping eye ailments, skin diseases, coughs, and loss of hair. Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar are on record as endorsing the benefits of eating licorice. Since the 14th century, it has been used to soothe coughs, colds, and bronchitis.

Here are a benefits that have been researched and studied that stem from the use of liquorice:

Aphthous Ulcers or Canker Sores

Liver Protection

Stomach Disorders

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Neurological Disorders

Should you wish to read more on this subject – please follow this link:

Celebrate National Liquorice Day with us!

We have an abundance of liquorice and liquorice sweets for our customers to feast on! Take a look below at some of our favourites.

Mike and Ike

Hot Tamales


Red Vines

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