The ‘F’ Word you can say in front of your parents – Fanta!

Reports around the United Kingdom say that we are in for a 6 week heatwave. Depending on how you look at this it’s either welcomed news or concerning news. If reports are true, we are all set to make the most of the weather. At the American Grocery Store we believe nothing says ‘relaxation’ quite like a chilled Fanta straight from the fridge.

Is This Real Life Or Is It Just FANTAsy…

Fanta is a drink which has its roots buried deep into German soil. What became one of the most in demand drinks of our time, began it’s life during World War 2. World War 2 triggered the parent company, Coca-Cola, into not being able to supply its syrup to German factories. As a result of this, to keep the Coca-Cola name alive in Germany, the only option they had left was to create their own soft drink. Fanta was born.

Derived from the German word Fantasie, the factories were in need of hope and imagination to carry on producing a drink that the public would love. To this day, Orange – the original flavour, is still the most popular flavour sold and is available in over 180 countries.

Fanta’s growth kept on and on and more and more flavours were slowly introduced to the public. We are very fortunate now-a-days as there are 70 flavours available. Now if you live in the United Kingdom, Fanta don’t have a whole load of flavours to try.

Step in The American Grocery Store…We have many flavours available for you to purchase and be delivered to your doorstep. You needn’t look any further. We have devised a list of our top sellers, there’s no need to shop around for which is the most popular flavour. It’s here, under your nose!

Here are our best selling Fanta flavours…

Fanta Berry

Fanta Berry: Our most popular of the Fanta range. Our customers are initially attracted by the bright blue packaging, then fall in love with the fruity-berry flavours bursting out of the can in every mouthful.

Fanta Grape

Fanta Grape: Anything electric blue, or grape flavoured are always going to be best sellers. This was a very close shout for the number one spot! A very sweet and crisp tasting soda, perfect refreshment for our incoming heatwave.

Fanta Strawberry

Fanta Strawberry: A sweet and authentic taste. Not too many strawberry flavoured drinks around and we’re not quite sure as to why? We think its brilliant!

Fanta Green Apple

Fanta Green Apple: So refreshing, so crisp, so appley? Put down the Tango apples and make way for our favourite apple flavoured soda on the market!

Fanta Pineapple

Fanta Pineapple: Again, similar to strawberry, not too many of these sodas on the market. A perfect balance of sweet and exotic in a bright yellow can. Sure to get noticed!

We understand that this may have left you feeling quite excited, thirsty for more. Stay calm, follow this link to view our full Fanta range.

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