Flipping Awesome Pancakes!

Pancake Day is next week and we just can’t wait to be smothering some fluffy pancakes in syrup on the 13th Feb!

Everybody loves their pancakes in a certain way, whether you go for the classic bacon and syrup combination, sugar and lemon, ice-cream and chocolate sauce or something a little bit more original.  And are you a flipper? In France, people like to make a wish before flipping their pancakes, but we’re not sure what happens if you miscalculate the landing! If you really think you’re a pro then why don’t you try to beat the world record? The most tosses of a pancake in one minute is 140, or if you’re going for the highest pancake toss, try beating the monumental flip of 9.47m (Guinness Book of Records).

No matter how the flipping goes, we want your pancakes to be fluffy and delicious! Order our varieties of Aunt Jemima Pancake Mixes for quick, simple and almost fool-proof fluffy goodness! Don’t worry if you have a gluten free diet – we offer Bisquick Gluten-Free Pancake and Waffle Mix.

So, have a flipping crazy Pancake Day with no pancake flipping disasters!

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