Ceriously Good – Top 5 American Cereals Available in the UK


Where does one start? Breakfast? Yes, that seems an appropriate place to start this weeks blog, as we round up our Top 5 American Cereals.


American Cereal to buy in the UK



If you know your stuff, you’ll know that breakfast shouldn’t be skipped and is often said to be your ‘most important meal of the day‘. As somebody that often skips breakfast, probably due to the desire of the extra 10 minutes in bed, I decided to look into whether there is truth behind the sayings mentioned. Turns out, the legend is fact. Apparently, breakfast gives you energy to sharpen the mind and body to start the days tasks! Who’d have thought? So with this in mind, and being that the undisputed champion of breakfast food is cereals, we have decided to rank our Top 5 American Cereals, which are now available to buy in the U.K, from us. Your best friend for all things American!


Number 1 on our top 5 American Cereals goes to…

American Cereals - Lucky Charms


Lucky Charms! Luck you! They come in many shapes and sizes, but none come close to the original. Just how they should be. Bold, punchy fruit flavours that turn your bowl of sad soggy cereal into something spectacular. It’s rare to find a product that can sit in your cereal cupboard and be so popular with everyone. So say goodbye to the cardboard tasting frosties and your dull weetabix, introduce some charm into your life. Fruity, crunchy rings with flavoured marshmallow is what is missing to make every morning worth getting out of bed for. Buy Lucky Charms here.

In Second Place:

American Cereals - Fruit Loops

Fruit Loops! An absolute must have for the kitchen cereal cupboard. You’ve all had Cheerios, right? Everyone has, and yes everyone has the same opinion as you…BORING! There is nothing fun nor lively about them. If you’re like me, and are acknowledging that breakfast is important, then why not make it, at the very least, enjoyable. These gems have been hidden from all of us over here in Britain and WE WON’T STAND FOR IT ANYMORE! These are a staple in the American Cereal section of any of their superstores. And guess what…You can have it too, delivered straight to your doorstep. These fruity tasting puffs are exactly what is missing from your breakfast routine! Get yours here.


Taking Home the Bronze:

American Cereals - Reese's Puffs

You’re all familiar with this name by now and if you’re not, crawl out of your cave and explore the wonders of Reese’s, we beg of you! For all of you that have delved deep into the Reese’s family, you are going to want to try these! This American Cereal is slowly becoming part of the furniture with for our friends across the pond! You know the deal…peanut butter and chocolate flavoured cereal. If you can stomach having sweets as a breakfast item then this is the one for you. Tastes just like their much loved Peanut Butter Cups. Delivery, anyone? 




4th Place Goes to:

American Cereals - Cinnamon Toast Crunchh

I could ramble on here about how these are a must have, and should make everyone’s top 5. I could even continue to describe the amazing snap and crunch of the cereal, or how the taste of the cinnamon is perfectly balanced like a fine wine…not too strong to the point where your tongue begins to burn, but just the amount needed to coat your mouth from top to bottom like a dried aged meat to compliment your wine, turning even your milk into a pool of silky cinnamon syrup. Lucky for you, i’ll keep this one short.

Damn it!! Get yours here.




In 5th Place:

American Cereals - Super MarioA new boy in the American Cereals market, but a throw back to the old school gamer days! Nothing came close to trying to free Princess Peach from the hands of Bowser. Remember racing around Rainbow Road, trying not to fall out the track? Yeah, Mario is iconic for all ages. Try Super Mario cereal now for a morning power up and be ready to beat the traffic, cross the finish line and complete your mission!

You know what to do>

A Jolly Good Treat – Jolly Rancher

Jolly Rancher Candy


For years now the American candy industry has been lead by the dominant force of Hershey’s and their sub brand – Jolly Rancher. A timeless classic of a treat. When the words ‘American candy’ are ever said in conversation, you can bet money on it, the neon blue colour of a Jolly Rancher soda is what springs to mind!

What’s so special?

Well, let us tell you…Cast your mind to any american brand of confectionery, be it Betty Crocker, Pringles, or even Reese’s. Ask yourself; What do they all have in common? Yes, they are all great brands and they all produce some great candy and confectionery…But the common denominator here is that they all do only one type of product. Reese’s – Peanut Butter and Chocolate, Betty Crocker – Baking goods, Pringles – Crisps. You see our point?

The magic and allure of the Jolly Rancher products is that they DON’T just do one style of product. They do it all! A brand in which we all love and trust, but scatters themselves into a plethora of categories. Jolly Rancher drinks, Jolly Rancher hard candy, Jolly Rancher Pop Tarts, Jolly Rancher Chewing Gum…The list goes on and on.

In our humble opinion, this is great! No matter what you fancy, in Jolly Rancher you will find a product that will be exactly what you are looking for and they will provide you with that peace of mind that it will be tasty and leave you wanting more.

What you want, Jolly Rancher’s got it!

We pride ourselves on our stock and our ability to keep stocked. That means that we will have what you are after. Following the theme of this blog, below is a small list of a few of our favourite Jolly Rancher items that we currently have stocked.

Jolly Rancher Sodas

  1.  Blue Raspberry Soda. A true classic of the Jolly Rancher soda range. Take yourself back to your childhood days, playing in a field with your friends with the sun beaming down. A cool Blue Raspberry Jolly Rancher to top of one of the best afternoons you can have as a child.
  2. Jolly Rancher – Original Hard Candy. Until you try these fruity sweets, you wouldn’t believe us if we delved in to try and explain the crazy amount of fruit flavours that burst through. Flavours include, cherry, grape, green apple, watermelon, and of course, blue raspberry.
  3. Bubble Yum & Jolly Rancher Blue Raspberry Gum. Bubble Yum and Jolly Rancher teamed up to bring up a long lasting gum packed pull of fruit flavour. Available in Blue Raspberry, its sure to go down a treat.


We’ve let you know our thoughts on these sweet treats, why not try them and see if you agree.


American Snack, P-Nuff Crunch – Available now in the U.K

P-Nuff Crunch– The new American Snack you need to know about! P-nuff Crunch is a baked peanut puff snack that is healthy, nutritious and delicious. Created and developed with one goal in mind – to provide the american snack market with a healthy and delicious tasting option to keep you, and your feeling full and satisfied.


American snack, P-Nuff Crunch


P-nuff, a roasted peanut and puffed rice snack, produces their tasty puffs primarily for the American snack and grocery market. Here at American Grocery Store, we have been fortunate enough to have tried these early and we thought, wow! Why aren’t these available in the U.K?

Ladies and Gents, we have worked or magic once again! You can now get your hands on P-Nuff’s snacks directly through us.


Why are we so excited to introduce this tasty American snack?

They are targeting the health market, so keeping this in mind, P-Nuff’s boast great nutritional value, with only 2 grams of sugar and a great 5 grams of protein per serving!

The want for peanut flavoured products has continuously grown and grown in the U.K, and rightly so…a great source of protein and natural fats! All you fitness fanatics will know the value of a handful of peanuts as a mid-day snack! Plus in our eyes, anything with peanut as the main flavouring will always taste great.

All though perhaps a more modern trend in the U.K, American snacks and treats have often included nuts, be it almond, peanut, cashew or even pistachio! They have been widely popular for some amount of time now with our friends from across the pond.

Did you know, former President Bill Clinton says one of his favourite sandwiches is peanut butter and banana?  It’s also reported to have been a favourite of Elvis “the King” Presley. Living like a King whilst looking out for your health? Sounds like a win-win to us…

The greatness of the Crunch doesn’t stop there. P-Nuff contains complete vegan protein and complex carbohydrates to sustain an active lifestyle for both children and adults, fibre for satiety and gut health and Peanut Oil for heart health. Being made from Navy Beans, Peanuts and brown rice, P-nuffs provide all 9 essential amino acids, which in turn, aid in building and repairing  muscle tissue. A great source of energy and  proven to support proper growth in children. An American snack you don’t feel bad about eating – no matter what flavour you decide to go for…


What’s that I hear? There is more than one flavour? Yes. Yes there is.


P-nuff Crunch, american snack


This nutritious american snack, now available to order through us, comes in 3 tempting flavours – ‘Original’, ‘Cocoa’ and ‘Cinnamon’. Try the original if you love peanut butter, its like eating it out of the jar without feeling as if you’re being judged for your potentially gross journey to the kitchen cupboard! Or why not try the Cinnamon for a twist on the classic? Or if you’re at all like us -with bad chocolate habits – try their Cocoa flavour to satisfy that sweet tooth.

‘P-Nuff’ of the usual unhealthy American snacks, and make way for something that gives back.